Mark Levin Writes Wildly Successful Book, Beacons of Liberal Media Don’t Review It

This news is oldish in nature, but worth pointing out.  Mark Levin, conservative radio show host and constitutional law expert, wrote a little book titled Liberty and Tyranny:  A Conservative Manifesto.  This particular read has now cleared the one million mark for copies sold, and it maintained the top position on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list for 24 straight weeks.  It’s currently at number seven.  Funny thing, the New York Times and the Washington Post haven’t reviewed the book.  I guess since it wasn’t by Paul Krugman, or someone else of that ilk, the book should be ignored.

Well, I’m proud to have read Liberty and Tyranny a few months back, and it’s excellent.  I’m pretty close to reading it again.  Levin’s writing style is easy to follow and engaging, and the subject matter is extremely well researched.  “The Great One” knows what he’s talking about.  He’s put in the work, and it shows.  So, congratulations to Mark Levin.  If you haven’t read Liberty and Tyranny and want to better understand what modern conservatism is all about via one of the most intelligent conservative thinkers walking the earth, read it.


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