IAEA Head Calls Israel “Number One Threat to the Middle East”

ElBaradei is completely off the rails here.  Given Iran’s record of terrorist sponsorship, abuse of its own people and election fraud, this assertion by ElBaradei just doesn’t make any sense.  Maybe they haven’t allowed much information as to their own nuclear capabilities, but I’m just not worried about the Israelis selling nuclear technology to Al Qaeda.  It’s really simple:  Iran wants Israel destroyed.  If it posssible, I’m sure they’d like to see the United States suffer the same fate.

The relativism is getting old.  Some people are your enemies, and some are your friends.  I hope that President Obama can correctly identify which countries fit into which category.  There’s no “none of the above” option.  His powers of persuasion will work with the likes of  Ahmadinejad, Chavez, and Putin about as well they worked on the Olympic governing body.


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