Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama’s winning of the Nobel Peace Prize was surprising in the respect that no one predicted it.  Honestly though, I’m not really surprised at anything the Nobel Committee does.  A lot of people are asking “why” and with good reason.  Bob Schieffer of CBS opined that the award was more of an indictment of Bush policies than acknowledgment of anything Obama has achieved to date.

Jimmy Pethokoukis explains why the president shouldn’t have won the Peace Prize, and I believe he makes some very strong points:

1) The complete abdication by the Obama administration on trade should disqualify him from the Nobel Peace Prize. Free trade has lifted hundred of millions out of poverty worldwide and promoted a closer global society. But the Obama White House has been as protectionist as any in memory. Free trade is that the core of  foundation of the post-World War II economic order.

2) Maybe Obama should accept PP on behalf of Reagan (defeating USSR), Bush I (freeing Kuwait), Clinton (free trade) and Bush II (liberating 50m).

3) Certainly with his recessionary economic policies (more taxes, more government, weak dollar), he is not going to win a Nobel for economics anytime soon.

HT:  Carpe Diem


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